The Rabbit Hole

 The series was taken inside a squat lead by the Mancunian collective LooseSpace at the former Cornerhouse in Manchester in 2017. The Cornerhouse was launched in 1985 to promote the visual arts. It was considered to be the heart of popular culture until its closure and abandonment in 2015. During two months of occupation the collective organised several workshops and debates to create a space of artistic production, interaction and free exchange. I came to know LooseSpace only few weeks before police announced its final eviction. LooseSpace organized a final party to celebrate the end of its adventure. I used photography as a tool to trace details and narratives from the squatting experience. I employed the photoelicitation technique that consists in the use of photographs as a device for interviewing the subjects directly involved in the situations shown in the pictures. Thanks to this kind of interview, it is possible to track considerations that would be otherwise untold.